Save a Marriage – Improve Your Finances and Save Your Marriage

If you want to save your marriage, it is very important to get a handle on your money situation. Many couples endure money troubles at one time or another, and it does not even seem to matter how much money they earn. People who are truly just making ends meet as well as the wealthy can have some degree of money troubles.

No matter what end of the economic scale you are on, wealth or poverty, the potential for conflict over finances is ever present. Financial issues remain one of the top five causes of divorce. In today’s society, both spouses in most marriages work outside the home. With both contributing to income, both need to contribute to the outflow. However, both often do not agree on the spending. It is imperative that this is accomplished for your marriage’s sake. How can you protect your marriage from this financial demon?

Money and finances mean different things to every individual. Contributing factors to how a person views money is their own unique personality and the culture in which they were raised. Some people feel more money means more happiness, some believe that money is a means of security. Some people are savers, others are spenders. Once you understand the personality behind one another’s financial view it will be easier to work out the differences and lessen the strain on your marriage.

Some people do not like to talk about money, but talk about it you must!

Find out what money means to both you and your spouse. It is often not money that is at the root of a money argument. Often, financial disagreements stem from other areas of the relationship. Control, independence, and trust, among other issues, can contribute and are often reflected in financial woes.

Tough economic times can take a toll on your marriage. At least once a year, sit down with your spouse and talk about finances. Look at where you have been, talk about changes that need to be made. Make sure you both know what your current debt is and what assets you have. Above all, know where the money goes, both of you need to know what the budget is. Decide where you or your spouse has financial weaknesses then set goals to strengthen those areas. Know where important financial information is in your household: bank account numbers and passwords, insurance policies, etc.

More often than not, one person in a household is responsible for paying bills and keeping track of finances. That should not mean that one person has total control. Finances, just as any other area of your marriage, should be a shared responsibility, discussed and agreed upon by both spouses.

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